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Make Money with US - Customer Referral

P.M.R SERVICES LLC, most of our Customers (80%) are referred to us by word-of-mouth. Evidently, we know that this is one of the more powerful ways servicing both clients and contractors and prospective Bussiness. Thus, if you are currently an Employee or anyone else and you know’d like to refer potential future Clients, we’ll pay up! Up to 10% of the total labor Invoiced.

  • Application Referral: Connect us to someone you know who meets the Client criteria, and a job gets signed; we’ll pay you 10% on the toal labor.

How referral Works. Example

You the Agent, refer your friend Sara to us, She wants a new Kitchen Remodel, The remodel runs any where from 15k to 25k.  Lets say there was 8k in labor invoiced, 10% of 8K is $800. this is what you will get paid $800 from us upon final completion of job, We offer Direct Deposit, And or Check Mailed Right to your Door.      

But it does not end there.

Now your friend sara is happy about the job, she wants to recomend another friend, but she has to tell you about the job so you can then call us back, Cause you are our agent,  you see, once you refer a customer to us you keep getting paid for future jobs from that customer. 

To become a referal Agent Is easy, Just fill out the form with all the Information required and we will notify you by phone or Emanil within 24hrs to go over any questions you might have.

Just fill up the simple Form to get started.  GET STARTED


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